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News on Thursday the 13th of October 2016

Here we are, some more final pictures of the project with the material bought and the newly painted school, a succesful project, most of all thanks to Ale from Jyoti’s Joy, but which will now end. Indeed, with my visa for Nepal expiring, I had to leave the country and I am now back in Switzerland.
However, if you wish to help this country further through education, I strongly recommend to support Jyoti’s Joy who works the best way possible, also very directly and efficiently, on this matter. By the way, I decided to leave the money I couldn’t spend myself to their cause.
Also Enfants-Solidaires is an amazing independant project reaching children from a lot of countries which deserves more support. Completely self-financed by Alain Jens, whom I met on my travel and who hopes one day to bring smiles to nepalese children, I would even say he needs support.
Finally, here the accounts of what has been spent in the name of Help Nepal Action.

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News on saturday the 17th of September 2016

Today, we had the pleasure to deliver to every kid a small packet with a sweater, a schoolbag and a pair of shoes and socks. On this occasion, we organised a small event in odere to motivate the local community to in its turn also support the school and to make it known to the higher authorities of the country with the invitation of some important persons like a member of the parliament and the former chief secretary of Nepal. All this in front of the newly painted and radiant building with dance interlude from the sudents who have attired themselves in the most splendid traditional dresses. So this is done and we hope we will be able to buy some more material with the money which is left.

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News on wednesday the 14th of September 2016

Here we go! Today, we were able to start painting the school! Moreover, it was children’s day and the kids enjoyed a special programme of songs and music, so everybody was in an excellent mood. So much that everybody were willing to lend a hand!

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News on Sunday the 11th of September 2016

Help Nepal Action is back! After having thought for a while and visited schools, my choice went to the Bal Rastiye Lower Secondary School of Gothatar, in the outskirts of Kathmandu. This public school welcomes most of all children from disadvantaged background whose parents come working in the capital city from rural hilly regions and offers them education asking only 500 rupees (approximatively 5 dollars) per year for the examinations fee. All this even if the small school itself happens to be also quite poor and in need of multiple different things.
Help Nepal Action has also decided to help this school and the children who attend it by providing to each kid a new sweater, a new schoolbag and a new pair of shoes and socks, as well as repainting the building walls. Today, the tailor came to take the measurements and more news should follow very soon.

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News on Tuesday the 10th of May 2016

After more than one month without giving any news, I have the pleasure to announce you the benches – as well as some of the matresses – have been finally delivered to Melamchi Gyang school. All the children can now enjoy their classes more comfortably and were extremely happy about it. Thank you to all those who gave me their trust and support.
There is nonetheless still money in Help Nepal Action accounts, but as my nepalese visa will soon expiry – and Wilhelm can no longer stay still in the stables – I am about to leave for a three months trip in northern India before coming back to Nepal in August for helping another school or families in need. You can therefore still make donations for Help Nepal Action which will initiate a new project when I’ll be back in Nepal.

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News on Sunday the 3rd of April 2016

The schoolbenches have been ordered in the beginning of the week from a local craftsman of Boudha, East  of Kathmandu, and today, Ale and me went to check how far they already got. We could see the work is taken care of and we were told the thirty pieces should be ready in two weeks time. In addition to the benches, Help Nepal Action has also ordered thicker and more insulating matresses for the 150 children living in dormitories because, as it is extremely difficult to be granted with a building permission by the nepalese authorities, the association in charge of the reconstuction will probably not have set the buildings up again before one year and the children will have to spend one more winter  in the cold under tents.  Those matresses should also arrive in about two weeks.

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News on Sunday the 27th of March 2016

Melamchi-Ghyang’s school, perched at 2500 meters above sea level in the last village of the valley, was founded in 1985 by a young Nepalese full of goodwill and altruism who had once come through this region on one of his treks. Since then, the instituition has been aknowledged by the government for its education quality and now counts more than 200 schoolchildren, including almost 150 staying in the school’s hostel as some even come from Kathmandu or the Teraï. Unfortunately, the innovation and the dynamism of its team was cut short on the 25th of April 2015, when a terrible earthquake shook Nepal and turned the whole place into gravels. Luckily, all the children got out safe and sound, and only a month after the catastrophe, they were able to go back to their lessons in bungalows despite the very poor conditions. Nevertheless, in addition to the destroyed buildings, a lot of teaching material has been lost, like all the library’s books, computers and the equipement from the sience lab. Help Nepal Action has therefore decided to help this school and plans at first to provide it with 30 new schoolbenches.

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News on Sunday the 20th of March 2016

Here I am, in Nepal. After 18 months on the road and more than 20’000 kilometers on my saddle, I have finally reached my goal, I have fulfilled my dream, I have arrived in Kathmandu. One moment of incomparable happiness, but after having enjoyed the success, it is also time for getting down to work and making my project « Help Nepal Action » come true. Sure enough, the fundraising has been fruitful and, as for today, the amount of 7670 CHF has been gathered for the nepali cause. But demand is high around here, so we decided, Ale and me, to go together for some days in the remote villages of the Helambu area, North of Kathmandu, in order to realise what is the situation like and to define more precisely of what kind the help will consist regarding on the actual people’s needs. To be continued…

News on Sunday the 17th of January 2016

Almost 3 months since the beginning of the action, on my part, 3000 kilometers ridden and 3000 more ahead of me for reaching Nepal, and on yours, more than 4000 CHF gathered!
Thank you so much for your generosity and your trust, I look forward arriving on site, seeing this project realise itself and bringing help to those in need with your support.
But of course, regarding the disastrous situation of the region, every  donation is still more than welcomed and will for sure find its way to the school or the village which needs it the most.

The Project

It’s been now more than a year since I started travelling on my bicycle across Europe and Asia with the Himalayas and Nepal as a final destination. Back then, I had a lot of different things in mind concerning what I wanted to undertake once I would arrive. One idea I had thought about was finding an organisation in order to get involved in a humanitarian project. However, after the terrible earthquake which shook Kathmandu’s region in April 2015, it seemed to me necessary to take action. That’s why I ask today for your help through this fundraising which will support my project led completely independently, but with the assistance from the swiss based association Jyoti’s Joy Népal. For more information, read the following.

What inspired me

When I arrived in Mumbai, India, I met a young german guy named Marcus Stein who was coming right from Nepal. There, he had carried through a humanitarian project with the help from a friend as well as a nepalese contact on-site. This had been achieved totally independently after having raised funds back in Germany. The two friends had then flown to Nepal to support the locals with the sum they had gathered. During their expedition under the roof of the world, they succeeded in equipping 50 homes with water filters and solar panels, as well as providing 1600 kids with pens and notebooks. The results in a short film. This whole story really inspired me and also motivated me to carry out something similar by myself.

My project

I have therefore decided to set up a fundraising too, in order to add my own stone among the projects working currently for the rebuilding of this country in ruins Nepal has become. My first idea is to focus on the children, their schooling and education, by investing if possible in a long-term project aiming for the development and the improvement of the teaching conditions. In this context, I have contacted the swiss based association Jyoti’s Joy which insures since 2002 the schooling of nepalese children – 22 at the moment – from disadvantaged backgrounds. The latter has accepted to put me in contact with its partner, Ale Lama, who coordinates on-site the children’s schooling. With his advice, I intend as a first step to elaborate an assistance plan fitting the current situation. The second stage will consist of finalising the project with my arrival in Nepal in March 2016 regarding the immediate needs. For the third phase, I will go into the field myself in order to develop the action in the school which needs the most your support.

Why you should support

Firstly, in supporting my project, you insure your donation to take the most direct way to the people in need, without any intermediary other than myself. The raised money is therefore guaranteed to be used in its integrality for the nepalese cause, my own travel being exclusively financed with my personal savings which are sufficient to cover the derisory expenses it produces.
Secondly, with the completion of the project, you will get an immediate feedback, as well on the process as how exactly your donation has been used in favour of the kids.
Finally, you bring help to a country in a disastrous state through a project caring about the problems which persist or arise one year after the catastrophe. Indeed, even though Nepal has benefited from a relatively important assistance in the urgent state the earthquakes have put it into, its population still needs your support, even if its misery doesn’t appear on the headlines of our newspapers anymore.

How to support

Your financial contribution, however big or small, counts and will improve the life of a nepalese child. It can be directly transferred on the account created especially for that purpose. In addition to your donation, you can simultaneously choose a postcard from the list below. It will be sent to you as a thank you from Nepal and written from the hand of one of the kid you have helped. For this, you can simply send your postal address to my email (dario.eberli(at) without forgetting to specify the number of the postcard you’ve chosen.

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